Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: Starting Your Online Journey


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Contrary to the initial assessment, those who to work from home have more opportunities than they think. One example is freelance writing and it offers freedom and many opportunities even to beginners. Every website owner and blogger needs content. Good research and grammar skills are all that is necessary to tap into this industry. “But what is freelance writing for beginners?” you might ask. That is what this guide is about, explaining what to do and how best to start up in the industry of freelance writing.

Necessary skills for beginner freelance writing jobs

To begin writing as a freelancer, your English language and grammar skills must be above par. Those are the crucial skills to survive in the industry or you will be out the door before you ever stepped in. In addition, you should have great research skills, be self-motivated to work from home and a good level of organization to succeed at taking beginner freelance writing jobs. This work at home option is a good fit for many people because they possess all or a good number of the skills required.


Proposed tools for beginner freelance writing jobs:

Grammar tool: Sign up with a grammar tool that can help you check for plagiarism and simple grammar errors. Paying for this service is worth it so you don’t submit mistakes to anyone, you want to be as perfect as possible.

Website or blog: This is a good tool you can utilize to share what you have done or links to your other works. Some services provide an alternative if you are not ready for the real thing yet.

File sharing tool: File sharing with clients is going to be necessary so you need a reliable method to do so. Accounting system: this will help you keep good track of the money you are owed and the money you are paid.

Starting your online writing journey:

When you start beginner freelance writing jobs, try to avoid appealing to the masses, this will make your job easier. Demand a good wage as you market yourself properly, especially if you can give specialized services. For example, if you are from a medical or educational background, you will find there are a lot of requests for those skills online. From fashion to food and travel, there are so many areas you can write about just by rehashing already existing knowledge. Blog and website owners want freelance writers who can connect perfectly with their audience because they know what they are talking about. There are many online courses about what is freelance writing for beginners that can help sharpen your skills. This is a great opportunity to brush up your grammar and writing skills even if you are already a pro.

Finding freelance writing jobs for beginners:

Personal network: Small business owners or other freelance writers you know can refer you to jobs or employ you for beginner freelance writing jobs. Websites that pay for guest posts: this work isn’t automatically continuous but a good way to introduce yourself to people who need your services.

Social media: Your bio on social media pages should include your new title and some social media platforms advertise such jobs.

Search engines: You can optimize searches for freelance writing jobs by searching for the most recent results or set up Google alerts for what you are looking for.

Job boards: There are many of such job boards that give daily leads you can use to find beginner freelance writing jobs.

Content mills: They act as middlemen between clients and writers so they have a lot of beginner freelance writing jobs. They pay really cheap but it’s a great way to gain some experience.

How to write samples as a beginner?

A lot of the reputable freelance writing jobs will require you to submit some samples. Some employers might request a specific piece as a form of audition. This is usually there for the employer to feel safer before making an investment in you. These samples will stand as your portfolio to get freelance writing jobs for beginners. you will notice every job wants you to have experience but you need a job to get that experience in the first place. This can be frustrating but here are some propositions to avoid that.

Start your own blog: Producing and showcasing your own content establishes authority no matter what you write.
Consider guest posting for other bloggers and websites: this also showcases your talents to possible employers.

If you came here asking what is freelance writing for beginners, you should have your answer by now. Every skill, tool, and tip you need to start out your brand new work at home career as a writer is laid out in front of you now. You can find freelance writing jobs for beginners and produce great work now.

LinkVehicle A Good And Easiest Way To Eran Money

What is LinkVehicle ?


LinkVehicle is the easiest way to earn money. Everybody wants to earn money. There are a thousand methods on the internet to earn money but it the easiest way to earn money through your blog. Many bloggers on the internet earn money through  Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.  But it a most different method.   Some people earn money through sponsored reviews.   But it is not a sponsored website.   Here people earn money via posting an article to their blog and get paid.   I assure you that link vehicle is the best option for a new blogger. I was also shocked when I heard about link vehicle.

What people do here at LinkVehicle?

Here people register and post their requirements. They tell you their requirements and you have to write an article or a blog post. You must have a PR1 blog to register. If you write a blog post for someone then you get paid. People like this service because they create backlink via your blog posts. Creating backlinks is a difficult option. But guest blogging makes it very easy for everyone. People also use link vehicle as a link builder. Because it is a safe backlink builder. There are many categories which they offer like:

1:  Casino
2:  Dating
3:  Education
4:  Autos
5:  Business and Investing
6:  Books
7:  Baby
8:  Entertainment
9:  Fashion

What are link vehicle requirements?

There are not many requirements.Only you have a PR1 Blog and you’re accepted.

How does link vehicle pay?

They pay via PayPal.There is no minimum.

What is the condition?

The condition is half. Mean if you earn 40$ you have to pay 20$ to link vehicle and 20$ yours.

Final Thoughts:

I think you can earn at link vehicle easily. You have not to work hard. It is a big market place. You just have to search. Here you find people about every niche. I hope you will find my blog post helpful. Please comment and ask me any question.

Top 6 Websites to Buy Backlinks For Your Niche Site

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Backlinks are the major part of any website. Without backlinks, you can not achieve your target. In this article, I will tell you some most reliable resources where you can buy quality backlinks. Backlinks pay a major role in SEO. Here I will tell you some best places to buy backlinks. These sources are trusted.

What are Backlinks? How they pay a major role in SEO?

Top 6 Websites to Buy Backlinks

1# Links Management

It is the best place to buy backlinks. Here you can find cheap and expensive backlinks. These backlinks can be temporary or permanent. If you are a webmaster and want to buy backlinks then it is the best place to buy quality backlinks. You can buy backlinks for 1$.

2# Fiverr

Second best place to buy quality backlinks is Fiverr. Here you will find a wide range of sellers who sell SEO Services. You can buy a package for 5$. But, SERPs do not buy from those sellers who sell tons of links. These links can harm your site.

3# Buy High-Quality Backlinks

It promises you to increase SERPs high in Google. Here you can buy backlinks for better rankings. They provide high profile backlinks. It is the major source to make your website high in SERPs.

4# Odesk

It is a freelancer’s website. Here you have to post a request and you will get responses from freelancers. They will offer their services. You have to review their applications and pay them. They will do SEO Services for you.

What is Odesk? And how to use? My personal Odesk Revie in 2017.

5# Blackhat Links

Here you can do backlinks buy process. Mean you can also buy backlinks. But this method can be dangerous. Here you will find mostly spammers. So this method is very cheap. If you buy low-quality backlinks. Your site can be harmed. Here are some sellers who sell quality backlinks. You have to
search a lot for those.

6# Buy Backlinks India

Buy Backlinks India is also a trusted source. Here you can buy small and large packages. Initially, they will review your site and then they will start to work. I think it is the best place to buy backlinks. First, you have to contact them. And then they will tell you process to buy their services.

I hope you will find my post useful. I only want to say you do not buy tons of links. Only buy quality backlinks. Poor backlinks can harm your website.
Do not forget to comment.

What is SEO? How a website is zero without SEO?

What is SEO?


By focusing on the purpose of the Reason the Bit is being made before anything and what’s being written people make Search engine optimization content. When an individual decides to write Search engine optimization content before anything, a few things are frequently assumed. When a Person decides to Compose Search Engine Optimisation content there are a few Matters assumed. Without any one of the traffic, it is basically useless. These keywords may have millions of clicks, very few plus they may also be created from scratch as well. Keywords Are Often implemented, but the idea is they’ll find keywords That Are targeted for their own Functions, but they Might have Possible for traffic.

People doing what they do and clicking on websites will make traffic. Each Individual clicks for their reasons that are numerous and at times the reason is a collaboration that people participate in. The content is purchased for sales, promos eCopy, links, traffic Etc. The content Might have content that is actionable and be directed for a sale. This costs more Thinking about its content That will be Implemented to make sales. Search engine optimization will at all times consider these when they’re made for websites and sales. In the Event That knew that you must feel confident if You’re learning something wonderful.

Google always changes their ranking system, although not as frequently as it appears. They’ve large updates which are determined to increase the website’s value and constantly uncover a reality of what the websites purpose is. Which implies that Google will resemble and reward web sites that have content with in-depth content, which can be mirrored in Search engine optimization writing. These keywords are Really a part of On Page Search engine optimization that works together to create themes to be made by Google, with minor coding, unless you’ve a blog with a plug-in. Submit Web site – Check the webmaster tools it will be found. Quite simple to do and it is well known in this time that these are the main criteria with regards to making a page Google ready. These are all as precious and should always be done without any exceptions for increasing the rank of an internet site and meeting Google in a partnership. LSI keywords will form themselves in Really a well-researched document, However, if they do not, keyword study is always available.


How To Get Quality Backlinks in 2017?

backlink checker

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the type of links which link back to your website. These links help your site to rank high for keywords. These links increase your rankings in most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Ask and AOL etc. When you rank high in these search engines you get organic visitors. Backlinks are the basic part of any website and blog. If a website is popular it means this website has quality backlinks.

How to check backlinks?

If you want to check your website backlinks you can use backlink monitor. There are many top sites where you can check backlinks like Moz, Semrush, Majestic and Aherfs. I personally ask you to use Semrush because this is top backlinks monitor tool. I also use this tool to check my website backlinks.

How to get backlinks?

This is a most common question which is asked by everyone. Everyone wants to get quality backlinks for his website with a little effort and without any hard work. I want to clear this if you want best quality backlinks you have to work hard and make some efforts. Most popular way to get high-quality backlinks is blog commenting. You can get backlinks to your site if you comment to a website with your web URL.

You can get comments from auto approve comment websites, social networks, and PBNs. If you don’t want to do this you can hire an SEO special list from Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr.

My 2017 Review about Upwork to hire an SEO specialist!

Tip: Try to get backlinks from those websites using a commentLuv plugin. You can search these websites from google and make a comment with your website URL.

Try to get backlinks from high PR websites. If you are beginner you can use GSA Backlinks software to get some backlinks. After getting backlinks you have to index them. A backlink indexer tool is used to index your backlinks into google and other search engines. You have to use popular backlinks indexer tools like BacklinksIndexer and IndexKings. You can use these tools to ping backlinks.


My Personal UpWork oDesk Reviews 2017

odesk reviews


Product Name: UpWork Formerly oDesk

CEO: Stephane Kasriel


This is an online Freelance service which will help you to earn some more money with little efforts.In this article, I will try to show you how to make some money? First of all my focus will be on target my this article about odesk reviews. I will also try to mention how odesk is better than elance. First of all, I already told you that Upwork is a Freelance like service.You have to work little and you will be paid. But don’t start without any experience.

How to start with Upwork?

First of all signup.

odesk reviews

In signup process remember that you have to input your correct details. Never use fake details. If you do so it will be up to you.

After signup process is complete check you email address and verify your account. After that go to your profile and fill your bio and avatar. Now its time to make some extra cash with your efforts.With Upwork you can work in any category like Web Designing and SEO. You can work here hourly or fixed time. You can also search project with a low or high budget. You have to search projects and make an offer.If a buyer is interested in your offer he will contact you.

In freelance industry, your sample work is very important. But remember your bio is more important. That’s why I already told you about samples. You have to show the buyer some samples if he is interested.

Pros and Cons


Clean Design: It has a very clean design with is eye catching. I sure you will like their design.

Messages: Their contact system is very outstanding. You can easily send and receive messages without any hassle.The system is quick and simple to use.

Easy to use: Their system is very easy and simple you use. If you don’t  have any experience with their system I assure you that it will be easy to you as 123.

Many Projects: It means that you don’t have to wait for work. If you have the ability there are thousands of projects to be done.

Support: Upwork support system is very good. You don’t have to wait for your questions and problem. They will reply to you as soon as possible.


Email notifications: Sometimes email notification system doesn’t work or don’t send notifications to freelancers. This is a major problem you would face.

Payments: Chances are very low that you get your payments late. But sometimes you can face this problem.

Technical Team: If you have any technical issue then you have to wait or sometimes they don’t reply to freelancers. This problem may give you very tough time.

Email Notifications: Your most recent and past activities are shown by notification. But many times they don’t properly show your notifications.


Final Words is a freelance website. It is a great source of income where you can earn some extra money. This is my personal odesk review. You have to read this full article to know some more about odesk. I am also an odesk member. Where I earn some extra money. I always work on this site one hour daily. There are some pros and cons but if you are clever you can easily manage them. I hope you will find my article helpful. I am publishing some new blog posts that will be helpful to you. If you make comments it will be an encouragement for me.